5th Annual Triple Crown Saturday October 6th! (and a special save the date)

Sep 10th, 2018

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5th Annual Triple Crown Saturday October 6th! (and a special save the date)


Hey kids, It’s time to get your team together for the 5th Annual Triple Crown! Don’t miss out!  If you don’t know what the Triple Crown is, ask your WOD buddies and/or coaches or better yet, check out these FAQ:

What is the Triple Crown?

3 Workouts at 3 Gyms in 1 Day!

When will the Triple Crown be held?

Saturday October 6, 2018

What is the Schedule?

WOD #1 starts at 9am – CFO (1313 67th Street, Emeryville)

WOD #2 starts at 12pm – CFO Uptown (310 41st Street, Oakland)

WOD #3 starts at 3pm – EGA (4703 Tidewater Ave, Suite G, Oakland)

Do you have to do all 3 WODs?

You must complete all 3 WODs for full bragging rights and to be crowned the winner!

Do you have to have signed up to participate?

Yes please!  However, if you want to participate and do not have a team, post on our Facebook page or just email us and we will find you a team.

Are the WODs scaleable?

Of course!  Workouts have been designed for all, but there are always options to scale.  However RX’d teams will be ranked above those who scale.  But it’s all for fun, so don’t let that stop you!  Plenty of teams scale one or more of the workouts.

What are the WODs?

The workouts will be published a week before the event.

Will there be food/drinks/partying?

YES, after the last workout at EGA!!  We will provide the drinks and you can bring something for the grill and a side to share!

Can we get silly?

Costumes, team names, etc. are all strongly encouraged, but not necessary.  FUN is what this event is all about (and the bragging rights… and the t-shirt… and the costumes)

What about the t-shirt?

As always we will have a custom design by the lovely Leka available on a cool shirt.  More details on ordering coming soon!

What do I need to do at this point in time?

If you’re forming a team, we need to hear from you!  We’ll be putting teams in heats at each location so that we can make this run as smoothly as possible. Send us an email with the name of your team and the names of each of the team members.  We will be using these emails to collect your t-shirt orders as well.

Who are the 3 strong, lovely ladies in the above photo?

Glad you asked, they are (left to right) Holly C, Heather P and Jessica V.

When is the Holiday Party?

Friday (yes, FRIDAY!) December 14th!  Mark your calendars.  More details to come…