Final Results for CFO Lifestyle & Nutrition Challenge!

Mar 17th, 2020

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Final Results for CFO Lifestyle & Nutrition Challenge!

Week 9 of the 2020 CFO Lifestyle & Nutrition Challenge brings us to the conclusion of our challenge, and what a challenge it’s been! Below is a copy of the points earned by participants thus far. 

Hat’s off to all of you who participated in the challenge, whether you made it through to the end or whether you got a couple of weeks in. You took steps toward making a change for the better, which is really the point of the challenge.

For those of you keeping score at home, our final Top 5 are as follows (cumulative points in parentheses):

1. Connie (839)
2. Jayne (723)
3. Vanessa L (718)
4. Ellie (709)
5. Kelley K (700)

One final note: Below are the results for the lifestyle & nutrition portion of the challenge. We also have the results for the pull-up challenge and body composition challenge coming soon, so stay tuned.

Here are the full results for the Lifestyle & Nutrition Challenge: Final Results PDF