Final Results for the 2017 Open!

Mar 30th, 2017

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Final Results for the 2017 Open!

The 2017 Open is a done deal!  And what a blast it was…can’t wait until 2018!  Do we really have to wait a whole year?

Updated scores are posted below.  We have three different PDFs for you to check out.  The overall team standings, the overall individual standings, and the 17.5 individual results.

We’ll also be following up with another blog post on awards and prizes for various categories (team, individual, spirit, etc.), so stay tuned!

The team competition ended up as follows:

1st Place:  TeamNates
2nd Place:  The Ocho
3rd Place:  Trap Queens

Congratulations to Will H and Candace, who had the top Rx’d performances in 17.5.  Will had a time of 8:31, and Candace had a time of 8:23.  Also congratulations are in order for  and Alexis and Redding, who had the top scaled performances in 17.5, with times of 8:12 and 11:50, respectively.

Everyone did great in the 2017 Open!

Here are the complete standings:

2017 Open Scoring – Team Scoring

2017 Open Scoring – Individual Scoring PDF

2017 Open Scoring – 17.5 Scoring