Holiday Schedule!

Nov 4th, 2018

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Holiday Schedule!

As always, it is wise to check the class schedule if in doubt.  The online schedules can be found under ‘Members’ on our website and are always up to date.  Here is the holiday schedule for all 3 gyms as we know them now:

Veteran’s Day

Monday 11/12 – All gyms open regular hours


Thursday 11/22 – All gyms closed.

Friday 11/23 – All gyms on Saturday schedule (8am & 9am only)

Saturday 11/24 – Regular schedule resumes

Holiday Party!

Friday 12/14 –  No open gym or evening classes

Christmas/New Years for CFO and Uptown

EGA schedule TBD (baby Chua due!)  We will update you as we have more info.

Monday 12/24 – No open gym or evening classes.  Gyms close after Noon class

Tuesday 12/25 – Gym closed

Wednesday 12/26 -Saturday schedule (8am & 9am only)

Thursday 12/27 – Regular schedule resumes

Monday 12/31 – Special extended classes (8am & 9:30am only)

Tuesday 1/1 – Gym closed

Wednesday 1/2 – Regular schedule resumes