NEW DATE for the Triple Crown is Saturday November 4th!

Oct 16th, 2017

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NEW DATE for the Triple Crown is Saturday November 4th!

We are happy to announce that the NEW DATE for the Triple Crown is Saturday, November 4th.  All other details remain the same:

NO group classes will be held on Saturday 11/4 at any of the 3 gyms, so that the coaching staff can participate.  This means the gyms will be CLOSED while not hosting one of the workouts.

If you are not participating in the Triple Crown, you are still welcome to do the workout (or version of it) during the designated times at each gym.  Just keep in mind that priority will be given to registered participants.

Start times listed are when the first heat begins.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior for workout briefing and earlier for warm-up.  Each gym will be open 30 minutes prior to listed start time.

There will be beverages and snacks provided after the final workout at Uptown and various yummy eateries in the area if you are looking for more substantial grub.

Spectators are welcome, as long as they respect the space of the participants and stay off the gym floor during workouts.

If you still want to participate, you can!  Email us your team and we will add you to the heat list. However, it is too late to order a commemorative t-shirt, but you might be able to buy one off someone else for the right price.

Workouts are listed below.  Start your strategizing!

EGA (9:00AM)


Staggered Start
1 Mile Run

0:00 – 1st Athlete starts run
3:00 – 2nd Athlete starts run

6:00 – 3rd Athlete starts run

DB Snatch
Burpee Box Over

*(MMM) 50# (MMF) 45# (FFM) 40# (FFF) 30#

*Athletes not on the run, may work inside until it is their time to take off on the run.  Once you return from the run, you can jump back into rotation.
*All 3 athletes must complete the mile by the 15:00 mark or else the team score will be ZERO.
*Tiebreaker for teams with a zero will be total work completed

CFO (12:00PM)

Workout 1:

7-Minute AMRAP:

Max prowler trips w/ 55# on the handles for men, 45# for mixed teams, and 35# for women for 40m (20m down, 20m back).  Must stay in fixed order.  Rotate each 40m trip.  Cannot help teammate complete the 40m trip.  Same as last year but 10# heavier for each group.

Rest 3 Minutes

Workout 2:

For Time (10-minute cap):
100 Double-Unders/50 Burpees per Person
60 Wall Balls @ 20#/14# to 10-ft/9-ft per Person

* Each person can choose to do either double-unders or burpees.  All reps must be completed by one person before moving onto the next person.  Burpees are done onto a 10# bumper plate.  Can jump up or step up onto bumper plate.
* Wall balls are done in sets of 20 and folks stay in a fixed order (same order as for double-unders).  Teammate 1 does 20 reps, then teammate 2 does 20 reps, then teammate 3 does 20 reps, etc., until each teammate has done 60 reps each.


Against a 10min clock:

Row 100 cal as a team.  Use the remainder of the time for each team member to find heaviest snatch or clean.

* 100% of weight counted If you snatch.  No press out on snatch.
* 75% weight counted if you clean.  Clean must pass through a full squat.
* 1.33 multiplier for women, teens and masters (50+).