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The Injury That Never Happened…

Biometric Innovative Options Consultants LLC is a cutting edge Oakland-based sports performance consultancy led by Ada Jauregui, a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a diverse clinical background in Sports and Orthopedics. Our mission is to improve athletic performance by correcting and optimizing the movement patterns of our athletes. Efficiencies gained by moving correctly directly translate to faster WOD times and stronger lifts.   Additionally, correct movements are key to preventing injuries, thereby keeping athletes in training.

By applying research based biometric standards, BIO Consultants can effectively predict an athletes susceptibility to injury and proactively correct deficiencies to help prevent the injury from ever occurring.

BIO has teamed up with CrossFit Oakland to offer this unique service to it’s members and coaches.  Consultants will be available for appointments at the CFO Emeryville location.  See the schedule for available appointment times.

You should schedule a session with BIO if any of the following apply to you:

*You want to identify your deficiencies and receive a custom-tailored injury prevention plan to reduce the risk of injury

*You want to increase your strength and improve the quality of your WOD’s by optimizing your movement patterns.  Efficient movement patterns in the long run result in stronger, faster athletes.

*You have an existing injury and need intervention to accelerate the healing process.  Do not ignore symptoms.

*You are new to CrossFit.  Every new member should add this to their membership.

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About Ada Jauregui, DPT

Ada received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University and has been practicing for over 6 years.  She is passionate about learning new treatment techniques and her goal is to combine Physical Therapy, biometrics, and performance training to create a scientific approach to injury prediction, prevention, and intervention.  When not treating patients or working with clients, Ada spends her time traveling, mountain biking, and swinging kettlebells.

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