Functional Fitness/CrossFit Group Classes
Group CrossFit Classes are offered every day of the week at our Emeryville and Uptown locations.  Check our class schedules for specific days and times.

***Members are invited to group classes every day via Zoom and In-Person Outdoors.  Check class schedule or email us at for more information.  All private sessions will take place online via Zoom or Outdoors.  Great way to work on specific goals with workouts customized for you!***

All Group  Classes are small group, trainer-led and utilize the CrossFit methodology of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements done at High Intensity.  The Workout of the Day or WOD is custom-programmed and typically includes a group warm-up, skill/strength work and an intense conditioning piece.

If you’re curious about our program, we recommend scheduling a free session with one of our coaches. If after the free session you decide you want to continue training with us, you would then complete 10 Introductory 1:1 sessions with a coach before before moving into group classes.

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Email us for more information or to schedule private Intro Sessions.