Save the date: Farewell to Nate! Saturday March 3rd @ 5pm

Jan 31st, 2018

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Save the date: Farewell to Nate! Saturday March 3rd @ 5pm


Mark your calendars for Saturday March 3rd, starting at 5pm.  We will be throwing a farewell party for Nate and Erica at EGA as they begin a new chapter in their lives.  We will have a bbq set up, drinks set out and perhaps some other fun stuff.  POTLUCK style.  Bring some protein for the grill and a side to share!

We are sad to see Nate go, but excited for him as he starts a whole new adventure.  Check out Nate’s post here for more details:

Some big changes coming in 2018.

So this is not something that I spend much time talking about outside of the people closest to me. I’ve always felt a sense of duty to those around me, A responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves and possessed a mind that saw the bigger picture.

Maybe it’s because I’m an army brat and was exposed to the realities of what’s happening outside of the safety of American shores or maybe it was growing up fast and having to deal with murder and mayhem at an earlier age than some. But I’ve always had what some would call extreme views of the world.

I’d like to think that I’m just a realist. History is riddled with great nations that got full of themselves and we’re invaded and dominated by more focused and motivated populations. And it’s starting to look more and more like we’re the next in a long line of great nations. We’ve allowed the fact that we’ve never had to deal with a major foreign threat of invasion on American soil to make us docile. We’re sensitive, soft, overweight and spoiled. We have it so good here in America that we have to find things to fight about (Starbucks Christmas cups anyone?). Our level of comfort is literally tearing us apart. Meanwhile the wolves are circling. There is a portion of the world that would like nothing more than to wipe us all off the face of the planet.

So I asked myself “Nate, what would you do if something actually happened”. Not even just an attack of some sort but what about a natural disaster. Are you prepared? What would you do? How would you take care of the ones you love? The answers were no and I don’t know. I know that those answers are unacceptable. I know from my years of fitness training and football that when stuff hits the fan. When you’re really under stress you won’t miraculously step up to the challenge. You almost always default to the least of your training. So if you’re prepared for nothing that’s exactly what you’ll do. NOTHING.

I firmly believe that God gives us gifts for so we can help those without. So I decided to get prepared and to help those without. In 2018 I become a soldier. #army