Special Nutrition Event on July 8th at Emeryville Location!

Jun 26th, 2017

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Special Nutrition Event on July 8th at Emeryville Location!

We’re excited to announce a special nutrition event that’s happening at our Emeryville location on Saturday July 8th, starting at 10am.  This event is free to members of all three of our locations.  All you have to do to attend is send us an email.

This event will have two components:

1. A seminar of sorts, where we’ll have a nutrition coach from Habit here to talk about what Habit does (personalized nutrition, based on genotype and phenotype data), and just as important, answer any and all questions you have about food.

2. A complimentary sampling of Habit’s various meals and snacks.  Yummy!

If you’ve ever wondered about any of the questions below, this seminar is for you.

Is Paleo right for me?  

How do I improve performance through nutrition?

Post-workout recovery foods?  

Pre-workout fuel? 

Oakland’s own personalized nutrition start-up, Habit, is partnering with CrossFit Oakland to launch a pilot nutrition and performance program.  

Mike Minium, Owner and Head Coach, CrossFit Oakland:

“As a CrossFit coach and avid tennis player, I thought that eating moderate-carb, moderate-calorie, and dairy-free was what was “right” for my body and for optimal performance. My results showed me a new way. I found out that my body needed more calories than I had been having. And now I’m thinking differently about macronutrients – including the amount and types of carbs! Habit’s insights were just what I needed.”

What is Habit?  Habit is a cutting-edge nutrition company that offers an at-home test kit that looks at over 60 biomarkers across your blood, genes, and body metrics to show you how to eat for your unique biology.

What do you learn?  Nutrition insights telling you which foods are ideal for you, what your best ratio of carbs, fats, and protein is to fuel your performance, aid in recovery, increase energy, or whether you’re sensitive to caffeine or lactose and much, much more.

Biology-based meals:  When your results are in, you’ll also have the chance to purchase fresh, chef-crafted meals that are tailored to your biology and delivered to your door.

Join one of Habit’s Nutrition Coaches to learn how science-based, personalized nutrition and individual coaching can help you eat with confidence, increase your energy and perform better.

When: Saturday July 8, 2017 at 10am

Where: CFO – 1313 67th Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

Cost: FREE

We’ll also have on hand fellow coaches and members of CFO who have used Habit’s services to talk about their experiences.

As we wrote above, this seminar and tasting is totally free of charge.  That being said, we will need you to register by sending an email to info@crossfitoakland.com so that Habit will be able to provide enough food to sample, based on the number of participants.