Triple Crown Heat Schedule

Sep 18th, 2015

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Triple Crown Heat Schedule


Below is the heat schedule for the Triple Crown.  If you do not see your team in a heat for each location, get a hold of us pronto.  Doors open at 8am at Uptown, for all of you who want to start warming up your deadlift.

Also, please note that all three locations are closed on Saturday due to the Triple Crown.  That being said, even if you’re not signed up for the Triple Crown and want to get in on the fun, just show up at Uptown and we’ll do what we can.  If nothing else, we can run you through an individual version of the workout.

Also, if you have some time in the afternoon, come on by our Emeryville location around 4pm.  We’ll be having a gourmet food truck come by then and we’ll be rolling out some beverages of various sorts for all to enjoy.  Friends and family are all welcome, whether you participate in the Triple Crown or not.

Here’s the heat information:  Triple Crown Heat Schedule – TC Heat Schedule