Week 4 Intramural Results Are In!

Nov 5th, 2019

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Week 4 Intramural Results Are In!

20.4 continued the theme that started with 20.3: Testing our higher-level skills! Heavy clean-and-jerks made an appearance, and for the first time ever, pistols appeared in the Open. In the humble opinion of the author of this post, pistols are a welcome addition to the Open. They’re a great combo of mobility, stability, and balance–something all of us should be training on a regular basis. This is nothing new for us. We dedicated the past two months to working on pistol progressions. It was, and will continue to be, a focus of our programming.

Much like when the dumbbell was introduced in the Open a couple of years back, this should serve as a clarion call to those of you out there on the importance of single-leg work, and in particular, the pistol. If you’re someone who has avoided pistols (due to any number of reasons), seek us out for a plan of action for getting on the road to pistols.

Unfortunately on the CFO Intramural side of the house, it was more of the same. Team Benny somehow managed to increase their lead after week 4, and now have a 137-122 lead over Team Mini. In order for Team Mini to pull off an epic comeback, EVERYONE on Team Mini has to show up on Friday and come in CFO gear! Half of the lead by Team Benny is attributable to costume points!

For those of you keeping score at home, here are the details behind the scoring:

Team Benny
Team Mini

Bring on the final week of the Open!